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Two couples, separated by 12,000 years, fall apart and come together thanks to a time-traveling watch, the paleo diet, and not-so-natural selection.


Stacey, inspired by her recent trip to an animal sanctuary with her fiancé Greg (who was too cheap to take her to the zoo), has embraced veganism. Greg, who is on the paleo diet, does not share Stacey’s passions. He’s also a software developer and recently invented Stella — a time-traveling app for his smartwatch which has suddenly become his new significant other.

After an argument over Greg conveniently missing Stacey’s meals (which he blames on Stella), Stacy secretly asks Stella to take her back to the day she met Greg, thinking she can convert him to veganism if he had only met her that way.

To her surprise, Stacey is taken to the Paleolithic era, where she is captured by Nag, the bride-to-be of Grog, the son of the tribe’s leader, Nog. Grog has been trying in vain to convert his tribe to vegetable farming, a new invention in response to the dire overhunting of wooly mammoths. Grog and Stacey are kindred spirits.

Meanwhile, Greg has acquired a new watch with a new (albeit snarkier) version of Stella — she’s still in beta, after all. He sets off in search of Stacey and soon finds himself captured by Nag, whom he finds exotically exhilarating. When Greg reconnects with Stacey, she refuses to return with him, having fallen for Grog. She throws her watch into a tar pit to prove her intentions.

Desperate, Greg returns to that fateful day with Stacey at the animal sanctuary and instead takes her to the zoo in hopes of a different outcome. After his hopes are dashed, he returns to the cave and abducts Stacey back to the present. Both he and Stacey are surprised when Grog shows up, having rescued Stella from the tar pit — and as he and Stacey begin their future, Greg returns to the past, where Nag awaits him.