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A close-up photgraph of a rescued chicken

Meat the Parents

Trapped within a family of vegans what’s a meat-eating teenage daughter to do but stage a rebellion?

Full-length | 3F/4M

  • Finalist: Centre Stage New Play Festival
  • Semifinalist: AACT NewPlayFest


BONNIE, a high school senior and carnivore trapped within a family of vegans, is dreading the return from college of her older, better-loved sister RACHEL and the new boyfriend GREG. To disrupt the first family dinner, BONNIE invites her new boyfriend WYATT, a football player and voracious meat-eater.

Bonnie has her suspicions about GREG, as he claims to be both vegan and from Texas. And ADAM, Rachel's ex-boyfriend and animal rights activist, has his suspicions as well. These suspicions are confirmed when we discover that GREG is snooping for information on NATHAN's animal rights organization.

When NATHAN takes GREG and RACHEL to a protest of Midwest Poultry & Sons, he ends up arrested, and DEBORAH finds herself not only bailing him out yet again but at the end of her emotional rope. Meanwhile, BONNIE, seeking attention in the most obnoxious of ways, has GREG worried that RACHEL might be pregnant.

When their home is terrorized by defenders of Midwest Poultry, the family unites. ADAM outs GREG as an insider working for his stepdad - the owner of Midwest Poultry - but GREG's growing appreciation for animals helps RACHEL forgive him. And BONNIE, the lone family rebel, discovers that WYATT is now embracing a tofu-based diet.