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John Yunker @ New Play Exchange

  • Skip Intro image

    Skip Intro

    The next time you click Skip Intro, think about what you could be skipping.

  • Photograph from a performance of The Sales Rank Also Rises

    The Sales Rank Also Rises

    It's not easy being an author (or spouse) in the age of Amazon.com.

  • Photograph of a bumble bee

    Species of Least Concern

    Mountain bikers, scientists, and an endangered bumble bee species collide in this dark environmental comedy.

  • A close-up photgraph of a rescued chicken

    Meat the Parents

    Trapped within a family of vegans what’s a meat-eating teenage daughter to do but stage a rebellion?

  • A close-up of a black widow spider

    Little Red House

    Three characters on their journey to discover the truth, with a surprising and bittersweet outcome.

  • Typewriter


    What happens if your significant other commits to veganism and expects you to do the same?

  • My Name is Vegan name tag


    A 10 minute play

  • Photograph of Southern California beach

    Of Mice & Marines

    What happens when an endangered species is discovered on a battleground?

    Inspired by the true story of the Pacific Pocket Mouse.