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Photograph of John Yunker


John Yunker writes short stories, plays and novels focused on the complex and often conflicted relationships between humans and animals.

He is author of the novels The Tourist Trail and Where Oceans Hide Their Dead. And he's co-founder (with Midge Raymond) of Ashland Creek Press, a publisher devoted to environmental and animal literature.

His plays have been produced by theaters in Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, Oregon and Washington DC. The full-length play Meat the Parents was a finalist at the Centre Stage New Play Festival (South Carolina) and semi-finalist in the AACT new play contest. Species of Least Concern was a finalist in the Mountain Playhouse Comedy Festival and Unicorn Theatre New Plays Reading Series

His short stories have been published by a number of amazing literary journals such as Phoebe, Qu, Flyway and Kelp Journal. Finally, he has a passion for the world's many languages and cultures and for helping organizations develop truly global websites.